Impressive minaret Inverted fan Green moth Commitment to religion Dusk is coming

Impressive minaret

An impressive minaret reaching to the sky.

Inverted fan

An inverted fan! Wonder where the air flows. Up or down.

Green moth

A green moth. Have never seen it before.

Commitment to religion

It is Friday and Muslims are coming together again to hear weekly sermon and praying together as one. The mosque is over filled and some had to sit outside the comfort of the mosque just to hear the sermon. It’s an indicative of ones commitment to ones religion.

Dusk is coming

Dusk is coming. Expecting a harsh weather soon.

Dramatic weather

What a dramatic picture in the horizon ….  

Swimming lego

There seemed to be a Lego party going on at the rooftop.  

Trouble looming in the distance

A vicious weather is looming in the horizon.  

Beautiful wood crafted podium

  A beautiful handcrafted podium used for Friday sermon.  

A Malaysian barber

An Indian Malaysian barber at work.